Each year, MACD’s member districts are invited to craft and submit resolutions that will help direct the advocacy and policy work of the Association on specific natural resource issues. Through the resolution process, districts are able to provide the Association with direct input on natural resource topics of high interest or concern at the local, regional, state, and/or national level.

Resolutions are drafted and approved by a local Conservation District prior to September 1 each year. The resolution then travels to the respective annual Area meeting, held in September/October, where it is deliberated by the Conservation Districts of that area.

If the resolution passes the area meeting, it then moves to the MACD Annual Convention in November. At the convention, it is assigned to a committee, which considers the resolution and then recommends a motion of “Pass” or “Do Not Pass” for the full membership body. The final step is a vote by the full membership during the general session at Convention.

If a resolution passes before the full membership of MACD, it then becomes part of the policies and/or workplan for MACD legislative and advocacy activities. If the resolution has national or federal agency implications, it is sent to the National Association of Conservation Districts for consideration during their annual convention, held in January of each year.

The full resolution process is described in MACD’s Resolution Procedural Policy.

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05-01: Development of a Team to Establish Guidelines for Implementing HB 572

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Montana Association of Conservation Districts take the lead in bringing together all needed agencies and districts to develop an area wide guideline for the implementation of HB 572.

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