Resolution 09-10: Fuels Reduction Projects On Federal Forest Lands

  • Area Originating From: Area 3
  • General Session Action: Passed
  • Submitted by: Cascade County Conservation District

WHEREAS, severe and extended drought, drought conditions and destructive insect population explosions have stressed and killed many trees over the last few years; and

WHEREAS, many federal forested lands are badly in need of fuels reduction measures to retard the spread of wildfires; and

WHEREAS, commercial thinning projects undertaken on private forest lands have demonstrated their value in maintaining healthy forests and reducing the spread of forest fires; and

WHEREAS, a mosaic of areas of reduced fuel loads and previous burns can diminish the spread of forest fires and reduce their negative impact on watersheds, water quality; and

WHEREAS, the potential creation of jobs and the recovery of forest products are worthwhile goals; and

WHEREAS, major forest fires can contribute significant quantities of carbon dioxide and particulates to the atmosphere thereby effecting air quality; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts at its November 19, 2009 annual meeting shall support common sense conservation measures by Federal agencies in their efforts to initiate fuels reduction projects (and/or encourage such measures) that utilize a variety of methods such as hand thinning, commercial thinning, and planned fires.