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MACD Staff

Created in 1942, MACD is a private nonprofit association, governed by a statewide Board of Directors, who simultaneously serve as district supervisors in their own districts. In order to carry out the specific directives of the Board, MACD maintains an office and small staff in Helena.

Rebecca Boslough-King

Executive Director 

Brenna Rietmann

Programs Manager

Madeline Larson

Engagement Coordinator  

Eric Rannestad

Communications Specialist  

Solomon Garza

Big Sky Watershed Corps Member

BPMC Staff

The Bridger Plant Material Center (BPMC) has served as an important on-farm research center for both native and crop plants important to Montana and Wyoming for nearly 60 years. Montana and Wyoming’s conservation districts co-own the Center and lease it to the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the purpose of maintaining a research facility for the development of plant materials to help solve conservation problems throughout Montana and Wyoming. MACD has staff  at the BPMC.

Jessica Kersh 

Justin Dravetsky

Liz Francis

Madison Birrer

Mason Schutterle

Nikolas Krum 

Field Staff

MACD maintains also maintains field staff throughout the state of Montana.

Abbigale Robson

Range Conservationist 

Jalyn Klauzer

Range Conservationist 

Big Sky Watershed Corps Members

Big Sky Watershed Corps is an AmeriCorps program that places young professionals in communities across Montana to make a measurable difference in local conservation efforts while gaining hands-on skills to better equip them for a career in natural resources. BSWC members serve at Host Sites throughout the state of Montana, making a large collective impact throughout the state as a cohort year after year.

Meet the 2024 members!
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