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About the 2022 Area Meetings

Each fall, MACD attends meetings for each of Montana’s six Conservation District Areas. At these meetings, neighboring conservation districts, MACD area directors, staff, and partners get together to discuss issues facing their areas, programs the districts are implementing, proposed resolutions, election of MACD Area Directors, and more.

Pre-Meeting Resources


Resolutions for consideration at 2022 Area Meetings:

  1. Resolution 22-01: Streamline Floodplain Permitting for Stream / Bank Restoration Bank Projects (Lewis and Clark CD) Area 6 – Type: Policy Resolution
  2. Resolution 22-02: Resolution to support the adoption of the Gilly, an online platform for the submission and administration of 310 applications (Gallatin CD) Area 6 – Type: Policy Resolution
  3. Resolution 22-03: A Resolution to Modify Montana Code Annotated 2-2-302 (Petroleum CD ) Area 1 – Type: Legislative Directive Resolution 
  4. Resolution 22-04: Fort Peck Test Flow Opposition (Roosevelt CD) Area 1 – Type: Policy Resolution
  5. Resolution 22-05: Cover Crop Incentives (Big Horn CD) Area 4 – Type: National Directive Resolution

For information on the Resolution process, view the Resolution and Committee Process document.  Past resolutions are available in the Resolutions Library.

The MACD Board is also putting forward proposed bylaws changes to the membership, which will be voted on at Convention.

For Partners

Registration and agendas will be added to this page as they become available. Until then, please contact the Area’s hosting Conservation District.

For any partners wishing to travel in the DNRC Vans or book within room blocks, please review the Area Meetings for Partners document for partners and reach out to MACD or DNRC. [Last updated 9/6/22 – Please note there are changes for the room block in Miles City]

Resources for Hosts

Please also refer to the Area Hosts Binder and the shared Area Hosts Google Drive. 

2021 Recordings

Recordings are available on the MACD YouTube for the 2021 Area Meetings.

Area 1   |   Area 2   |   Area 3   |   Area 5   |   Area 6

Meeting Information

Area 1

September 27

Hosting: McCone
Administrator: Diane Black (
Time: 8:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Circle Country Market (Circle)
Agenda: Area I Agenda
Registration: Google Form Registration

Area 2

September 28

Hosting: Custer
Administrator: Carol Watts (
Time: 8:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Custer County Event Center (Miles City, MT)
Agenda: Area II Agenda
Registration:Area II Registration

Area 4

September 29

Hosting: Rosebud
Administrator: Bobbi Vanattan (
Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: Rosebud Treasure County Fair Grounds (Forsyth)
Agenda: Area IV Agenda
Registration: Area IV Registration

Area 6

September 30

Hosting: Gallatin
Administrator: Becky Clements (
Time: 8:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Gallatin Gateway Community Center (Gallatin Gateway)
Agenda: Agenda PDF
Registration: Area 6 Registration Link

Area 3

October 04

Hosting: Pondera
Administrator: Kaysie Steele (
Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Location: Moose Lodge (Conrad)
Agenda: Area III Agenda
Registration: Area III Registration

Area 5

October 05

Hosting: Flathead
Administrator: Samantha Tappenbeck ( )
Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Location: Swan River Community Hall (Bigfork)
Agenda: Meeting Agenda
Registration: Registration Form

Elections by Area for the MACD Board of Directors

Each Area will have at least one board seat up for election. All terms are 3 years unless otherwise noted.

  • Area 1:  Willie Bernard is up for re-election and intending to run.
  • Area 2:  Vacancy (Tony Barone is not running again)
  • Area 3:  Mark Suta is up for re-election and intending to run.
  • Area 4:  Vacancy (Don Youngbauer is not running again)
  • Area 5:  Bill Naegeli is up for re-election and intending to run. There is an additional seat up for re-election for a term ending in 2023 (1-year)
  • Area 6:  Rick VanDyken is up for re-election and intending to run.

There will be two info sessions for those interested in running for the MACD Board. 

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