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Gilly is a non-profit software application and project of the Four Corners Foundation. Gilly automates the application and approval process for 310 Joint Application Permits, streamlining the process for administrators and applicants alike.

Gilly’s online application forms are a robust platform for collecting required information. The automated form provides tooltips and drop down menus to answer many of the questions that applicants typically ask and allows them to complete, print, and save their permit online before submitting it to their local conservation district. Pertinent files can be attached to the forms and forms can be saved, printed, and stored within the platform where the applicant can access them at any time. Administrators can access forms in progress in order to assist applicants.

For supervisors and administrators, Gilly modernizes the 310 application and approval process from start to finish. Gilly simplifies initial submission, allows for necessary changes and corrections, and tracks each permit’s progress through completion, inspection, and approval. Gilly digitizes the important information contained in the completed forms, stores that data, maps it, and makes the data readily available for review and analysis.


  • Gilly:
    “A software platform that streamlines the 310 Joint Permit Application process.”
  • Four Corners Foundation:
    “Four Corners Foundation (4CF) is an advocate for the thoughtful and strategic use of water in the Gallatin River Watershed and beyond. Gilly is a non-profit project and software application of 4CF.”
  • Application Login Page:
    “Apply online for a 310 Joint Permit Application.”


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    Frequently asked questions about Gilly from applicants and administrators.

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