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Communications Toolkit

This collection of resources are an ever-expanding effort by MACD and the Outreach Work Group to provide Montana’s conservation districts with the tools to efficiently and effectively market their services and work. You’ll find document templates, guides, and messaging tips that provide a starting point for telling your district’s story of local, common sense conservation. All while promoting a unified message for Montana’s conservation districts.


Framework for engaging your audience based on your outreach goals.

Ideas and suggested timeline for event planning.


Canva Pro subscription for districts to coordinate the design of invitations, posters, flyers, lesson plans, and more.

Free photos and graphics for CD use:

  • Photography Resources
  • Logos
  • Illustrations
  • Icons


Website Guides and a growing list of resources are maintained and updated by MACD.


Resources to help us speak in a strong, unified voice about the value of CDs and voluntary conservation.

Event Toolkits

Event toolkits for Districts to use for coordinating and speeding up their outreach. If you have an idea for a new event toolkit, please reach out to MACD (

Stewardship Week is celebrated annually since 1955 in May. NACD Stewardship Week reminds us of our individual responsibilities to care for natural resources. MACD and NACD offer resources to help districts celebrate this weeklong event.

Montana’s CDs hold a statewide competition each year for posters of a certain conservation theme.

National Pollinator Week is an annual event celebrated internationally in support of pollinator health. Utilize these resources to help you celebrate and promote your involvement in this year’s Pollinator Week.

Montana Soil Health Week is the first week in April. It was established in 2023 by the Montana State Legislature. This is a collection of resources for districts to use for outreach during this year’s event week.

MACD's Communications Assistance Program

MACD, in partnership with DNRC offers communications assistance to Montana’s conservation districts. This assistance program is run by the MACD communications staff. Information about the kinds of assistance available is below. For general inquiries please reach out to

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All Communications Resources

events, outreach

A new bipartisan resolution was signed into law last year that designates the first week of April as Montana Soil Health Week and the first Wednesday in April as Montana Soil Health Day.

Document developed by Terry Profata (Sage 4 Success Nonprofit Consulting) that helps Conservation Districts with strategic organizational planning.

CD OperationsCommunications
contacts, coordination , database

The MCDEO created a collaborative contact spreadsheet for districts to keep updated. If you want to have a look at it for your purposes, and have any changes, you should be able to make those changes to the shared document.

CommunicationsSoil & Water Conservation
contacts, directory , map , stories

MACD's conservation district directory map. Includes basic contact information for each conservation district in Montana as well as conservation stories from across the State.

The MACD Membership Website is a private website for districts. Trainings, resources, financial reports and more are posted on the membership website. Use your normal wordpress login and password to login or contact MACD for assistance.

Tips and news about how Conservation Districts are using social media and technology and what new tech opportunities are available.

outreach, worksheet

Seeking media coverage and/or planning an event? This event planning template can help to get you started.

design, tutorial , website

A growing list of resources are maintained and updated by MACD to be used and shared by the conservation districts of Montana.

coordination, events

The MACD Calendar is a searchable, community calendar of meetings, events, trainings, and funding opportunities that relate to the work of conservation districts and their partners.

Archive of District Dispatch newsletters with funding, trainings, news, and important announcements relevant to Montana's Conservation Districts.

outreach, worksheet
design, google drive , library

A growing repository of logos for conservation districts, other member organizations, and partners.

design, external , photos

An archive of CD submitted images. Free to use and open to submission.

design, software , tutorial

MACD has acquired a Canva Pro subscription for districts to use. This gives all districts access to the service’s premium features. The number of users with access to these features are limited, so to circumvent this issue, MACD offers shared Canva Accounts.

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