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MACD maintains four standing committees to work on district and natural resource issues around the state: District Operations, Education, Soil Resources and Land Use, and Water Resources.

A primary purpose of these committees is to consider resolutions for Association adoption and make other policy recommendations to the MACD Board of Directors or member districts on issues pertinent to the committee and conservation districts.

To learn more about the work of committees and how to become involved, contact a Committee Chair. Current district supervisors are eligible to serve on a committee and don’t need to be on the MACD Board of Directors.

District Operations

Chair: Pat Anderson, Phillips Conservation District

Members: Judi Knapp, Treasure CD; Steve Hertel, Fergus CD; Dean Rogge, Garfield CD; Pete Woll, Flathead CD; Jeff Mark, Bitterroot CD; Rebecca Boslough, MACD Executive Director

Committee Minutes & Documents:


Chair: Elisha Dempsey, Toole County Conservation District

Members: Melissa Downing, MACD; Tony Barone, Richland CD; Rick Van Dyken, Broadwater CD; Bill Naegeli, Green Mountain CD; Bob Peterman, Wibaux CD; Pam Liggett, Lower Musselshell CD; Tom Dobberstein, Bitterroot CD

Committee Minutes & Documents:

Additional meeting documents for the Education Committee can also be found on the Education Committee blog at

Soil Resources and Land Use

Chair: Steve Wanderaas, McCone CD

Members: Mike Hansen, Gallatin CD; Herb Argabright, Broadwater CD; Don Youngbauer, Rosebud CD; Roddy Rost, Little Beaver CD; Steve Hedstrom, Judith Basin CD; Steve Tyrell, Lower Musselshell CD; Jay King, Petroleum CD 

Committee Minutes & Documents:

Water Resources

Chair: Jeff Pattison, Valley CD

Members: Gary Giem, Ruby Valley CD; Curt Rosman, Lake CD; John Anderson, Ruby CD; Dan Young, Richland CD; Dan Sirucek, Flathead CD; Steve Schanaman, Big Horn CD; William Bernard, Daniels CD; Shirley Parrot, Lower Musselshell CD; Jeff Wivholm, Sheridan CD; Kent Myers, Bitterroot CD

Committee Minutes & Documents:

ByLaws Ad Hoc Committee

Facilitator: Jeff Tiberi

Members: Pete Heryford, Mike Hansen, Doug Hitch, Hal Deboer, and Steve Hedstrom

Committee Minutes & Documents:

Legislative Ad Hoc Committee:

Facilitator: Jeff Tiberi

Members: Jim Simpson, Dean Rogge, Bob Petermann, Jeff Pattison, Greg Jergeson, and Steve Schanaman

Committee Minutes & Documents:

Programs Committee

Chair: Heidi Fleury, Lake County Conservation District

Members: Mike Hansen, Gallatin CD; Jeff Wivholm, Sheridan CD; Gary Giem, Ruby Valley CD; Roddy Rost, Little Beaver CD; and Roger Hybner, Carbon CD. Non-voting members: Kyle Tackett, NRCS.

Committee Minutes & Documents:

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