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Working together for Local, Common Sense Conservation

A 501(c)4 organization. MACD supports Montana’s Conservation Districts through advocacy, partnership building, and more. As the voice for the districts, MACD is primarily funded through member district dues.

A 501(c)3 organization. SWCDM supports Montana’s Conservation Districts through supplemental program support and technical assistance. SWCDM is wholly funded through grant and program funds. For more info, visit

As sister organizations, MACD and SWCDM, work hand-in-hand to both represent and serve Montana’s conservation districts. MACD’s work largely focuses on advocacy and partner building, whereas SWCDM focuses on providing programs to districts, conservation partners, and landowners that help build capacity, put conservation on-the-ground, and provide educational opportunities. For more about SWCDM and Programs, visit

MACD and SWCDM work closely with the following core partners and many more to achieve the goal of local, common sense conservation in Montana.

MACD Employees Organization

The work of Conservation Districts could not be done without the dedicated support of Conservation District employees. MACDEO works to support CD employees through information sharing, trainings, and more. Information on MACDEO can be found at

NRCS Montana

The Natural Resource Conservation Services provides a valuable tool to local conservation in the form of local technical assistance. NRCS’s District Conservationists work closely with local producers and Conservation Districts to promote voluntary conservation on private lands. In addition, MACD works closely with NRCS at the state and federal level to coordinate conservation delivery. More info can be found at

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Montana’s Department of Natural Resources and Conservation works to help ensure that Montana’s land and water resources provide benefits for present and future generations. DNRC is a strong provider of technical and financial resources for Montana’s Conservation Districts. More info can be found at

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