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Working together for Local, Common Sense Conservation

A 501(c)4 organization. MACD supports Montana’s Conservation Districts through advocacy, partnership building, and more.

A 501(c)3 organization. SWCDM supports Montana’s Conservation Districts through supplemental program support and technical assistance.

About Conservation Districts

What’s a Conservation District?

Conservation districts are units of local government designed to help citizens conserve their soil, water, and other renewable natural resources. They were organized in the 1930s as a response to the “Dust Bowl” days.

The State of Montana passed legislation creating its conservation districts in 1939 to provide for local control of natural resource management programs and activities. Montana’s 58 conservation districts cover all counties and include more than 70 municipalities included within district boundaries.

In Montana, CDs have the additional responsibility of implementing the Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act, also known as the 310 law. This law requires a permit from the local CD before any work is done in Montana’s waterways.

More About Conservation Districts

News & Updates

MACD Minutes, June 2019

The MACD Board of Directors met for their regular monthly meeting in person on June 12 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Helena. Items discussed at the meeting included the Summit…

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The Montana Conservationist May 30

Hello, loyal readers! This week in TMC: Governor Bullock has formed a panel to assess forested state lands and make a plan for management. Our own Steve Hedstrom has been…

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The Montana Conservationist, May 16

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MACD Minutes, April 2019

The MACD Board of Directors met via conference call for their regular board meeting on April 8, 2019. Items discussed at the meeting included: MMRIC fund request, a new Water…

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Resolutions Library

Each year, MACD’s member districts are invited to craft and submit resolutions that will help direct the advocacy and policy work of the Association on specific natural resource issues. Through the resolution process, districts are able to provide the Association with direct input on natural resource topics of high interest or concern at the local, regional, state, and/or national level.

MACD has added resolutions from 2005 onward to this website. You can browse our resolutions library by clicking below.

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