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Worksheet: Connecting With Your Audience

Our research planning document offers a framework for engaging your audience based on your outreach goals. The worksheet is structured in four parts:

  1. Pause For Purpose
    What is your goal, who is your audience, and what are you trying to achieve in your outreach?
  2. Imagine Your Audience
    Here you try to understand the motivations of your audience. What are their values, experience, and interests? Who do they trust and where do they get their information?
  3. Focus and Filter
    In this step, you are asked to relate your audiences motivations with your goals and targeted behavior. You are now able to identify methods of communication that meet your target audience where they are at.
  4. Less is Memorable
    People only have the capacity for a certain amount of information. Based on your the previous steps, what information is the most relevant and how can your communicate that information in a compelling way?

Before starting an outreach campaign or project, force yourself and your team thing through these steps. You will be surprised by what you learn.

Outreach Plan Worksheet
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