09-11: Cooperation With Montana Association of Realtors

WHEREAS, administering the streamside protection act, commonly referred to as the 310 law, is one of the major responsibilities of Montana’s Conservation Districts; and, 

WHEREAS, many Montanans want to protect the rivers and streams of our great state; and,

WHEREAS, many Montanans are not aware of the 310 law; and,

WHEREAS, Montana Realtors are often the initial contact for prospective landowners that may not be familiar with the responsibilities associated with properties containing perennial streams; and

WHEREAS, the Montana Association of Realtors provides a model Buy/Sell Agreement for use by realtors;

WHEREAS, realtors often use the model agreement in their day-to-day transactions with people interested in owning land;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that MACD work with the Montana Association of Realtors to include a disclosure outlining the 310 law and riparian protection in the model Buy/Sell Agreement.