09-04: Government Programs

WHEREAS, Montana’s Conservation Districts have long been leaders in the conservation movement and can work cooperatively with other entities across governmental boundaries;

WHEREAS, Montana’s Conservation Districts are becoming concerned with the complexity of USDA Programs being administered through government entities.  The complexity of USDA Programs is limiting the numbers of producers and landowners to apply for USDA Programs.

WHEREAS, Montana’s Conservation Districts are becoming involved in controversial issues that arise between the producer, landowner and government entities that are administering the USDA Programs. This is causing much turmoil and frustration which creates distrust.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Montana Association of Conservation Districts take the necessary measures to ensure our USDA Programs continue and address the needs of the producer/landowner in limiting how much personal information is needed for USDA Programs and end the repeated information process when applying for one/all Conservation Program(s).