Each year, MACD’s member districts are invited to craft and submit resolutions that will help direct the advocacy and policy work of the Association on specific natural resource issues. Through the resolution process, districts are able to provide the Association with direct input on natural resource topics of high interest or concern at the local, regional, state, and/or national level.

Resolutions are drafted and approved by a local Conservation District prior to September 1 each year. The resolution then travels to the respective annual Area meeting, held in September/October, where it is deliberated by the Conservation Districts of that area.

If the resolution passes the area meeting, it then moves to the MACD Annual Convention in November. At the convention, it is assigned to a committee, which considers the resolution and then recommends a motion of “Pass” or “Do Not Pass” for the full membership body. The final step is a vote by the full membership during the general session at Convention.

If a resolution passes before the full membership of MACD, it then becomes part of the policies and/or workplan for MACD legislative and advocacy activities. If the resolution has national or federal agency implications, it is sent to the National Association of Conservation Districts for consideration during their annual convention, held in January of each year.

The full resolution process is described in MACD’s Resolution Procedural Policy.

Resolutions Library

12-04: Clarification of 310 Jurisdiction on Perennial-flowing Streams

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 310 Committee be directed to review the Administrative Rules of Montana and the Model 310 Rules and determine whether the adoption of an administrative rule and/or model rule to more clearly define the term “natural, perennial-flowing stream,” and to define the terms “perennial-flowing stream,” “intermittent-flowing stream,” and “ephemeral-flowing stream” would help the conservation districts in the administration of the 310 Law, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, if a proposed rule is developed by the 310 Committee, that a conservation district’s 310 jurisdiction be clarified to include a stream from source to mouth if the stream channel carries water year round in all or portions of the stream’s length.

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12-03: Supporting CD-based River Councils & Watershed Groups in Montana


Provide direct fundraising support specifically targeting CD-based watershed groups and river councils in Montana.  
Develop and secure technical assistance program funding from DNRC that can be used by Conservation Districts to keep local watershed groups and river councils operational.
Make DNRC technical assistance program funding for CD-based watershed groups and river councils a priority item on MACD’s Montana legislative agenda.

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12-02: Fund Montana River Gauging Stations

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that MACD work to develop permanent funding from private, state and federal programs to pay for the maintenance of the existing and future gauging stations that have been or will be abandoned due to lack of funding.

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12-01: Sage Grouse Status

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Conservation Districts of Montana support healthy rangelands and policies that promote sustainable livestock production. THEREFORE IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED, that Conservation Districts of Montana oppose listing  sage-grouse as a threatened or endangered species and requests that all federal agencies and actions comply with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and National Environmental Policy Act.

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11-08: Risk Management Agency Guidelines for Cover Crops

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts investigate and pursue changes to Risk Management Agency guidelines to expand opportunities for cover crops in Montana.

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11-07: Conservation Districts and NRCS Office Space Resolution

WHEREAS, for more than 75 years the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service(NRCS), and local government Conservation Districts have worked as partners to conserve and protect the soils, water, and air of the United States; WHEREAS, this…

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11-06: Montana Irrigation Water

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Montana Association of Conservation Districts contacts the Governor to support a continuation of the suspension of point of diversion rules for the 2012 irrigation year.

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11-05: Land & Water Conservation Fund

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Conservation Districts of Montana oppose funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund for land acquisition and that the fund is used for maintenance.

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11-04: US Fish and Wildlife Service Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Reservoir Removal Plan

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Conservation Districts of Montana oppose the removal of any reservoirs on the US Fish and Wildlife Service Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

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11-03: Future Wild Lands Designations

WHEREAS, Conservation Districts are units of local government designated to help citizens conserve their soil, water, and other renewable natural resources, and WHEREAS, the northern prairies of the United States are an environment naturally conducive to vibrant wild lands and…

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11-02: Wild Horse & Burro Introduction

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that existing wild horse herds be confined and managed at their current locations, and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Conservation Districts of Montana stand opposed to the introduction of any new population of wild horses and burros in Montana.

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11-01: Adopting Guidelines to Develop Near Streams, Waterways, Tributaries, & Drainage Areas

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  That MACD convene a working group consisting of DEQ, Board of Oil & Gas, DNRC, the Montana Petroleum Association and other identified parties to consider options to regulate the development of oil & gas industrial sites located near streams, water ways, tributaries, and drainage areas before permitting occurs.

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10-09: Aquatic Invasive Species

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that MACD petition the Montana Legislature to promulgate, pass and fund legislation that requires mandatory watercraft inspections for all watercraft that are traveling into Montana and all watercraft within Montana that are traveling from waterway to waterway.  

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10-08: Wake Zones on Rivers

WHEREAS, watercraft use on our rivers have increased and; WHEREAS, the wave action from watercraft wakes continue to cause erosion to our river banks; WHEREAS, river front landowners are experiencing financial hardship; AND WHEREAS, there are no regulations to control…

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10-07: Wolves & Endangered Species Act

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD);

Support federal legislation to amend the endangered species act in such a manner to allow delisting of wolves.
Support additional funding for Animal Damage control and fair compensation for losses.
Support and encourage Fish, Wildlife and Parks to act more swiftly and with greater force to eliminate problem wolf packs.

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