13-11: Montana Conservation Practices Month

WHEREAS, Conservation Districts and Watershed Groups in Montana actively work throughout the state to address local natural resource concerns through a wide range of projects and programs.

WHEREAS, the mission of CDs and Watershed Groups in Montana is often unknown because of limited marketing resources and a lack of an organized promotion effort throughout the state.

While groups are often very active at the local level, they often do not speak in a collective voice at the statewide level.

WHEREAS, the general public, news media, and political figures would benefit from an increased understanding and appreciation of the ongoing work of CDs and Watershed Groups by witnessing their successful projects and programs.

WHEREAS, an effort to showcase local projects and programs in an organized campaign can demonstrate how the Montana CDs and Watershed groups as a whole are making a difference in the state.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Montana CDs and Watershed Groups work to establish August as Montana Conservation Promotion Month starting August 2014. Participants will work with Montana Association of Conservation Districts and Montana Watershed Coordination Council to develop marketing materials (press release, logo, etc) and promote their own local event. Participants agree to organize and host a tour of a successful project or program in their area during the year.


UPDATE 11/2014: MACD has coordinated a survey, series of meetings and coordination with FWP to borrow video footage to create online, shareable videos about conservation. A small grant from the 223 program was secured to assist with this effort. 13 groups participated in this effort this first year, and there were a wide array of activities under the Conservation Month umbrella. Considering that this was our first year, there was a substantial amount of interest and press coverage.