13-10: Conservation District Group Benefit Plan

WHEREAS, Montana conservation districts are political subdivisions of the state, and

WHEREAS, conservation districts are governed by a board of supervisors, and

WHEREAS, conservation district supervisors are empowered to hire employees, permanent or temporary, and to establish the compensation and benefits for their employees, and

WHEREAS, conservation district supervisors are desirous of providing for their employees a group benefits plan to include group hospitalization, health, medical, surgical, life, and other similar and related group benefits provided to employees of political subdivisions, including flexible spending account benefits and payments in lieu of group benefits, and

WHEREAS, conservation district supervisors desire to fund a group benefit plan for their employees through a conservation district’s annual regular assessment.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation District, in consultation with the Conservation Districts Bureau, Conservation & Resource Development Division, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, develop legislation for the 2015 legislative assembly to adopt a specific law for codification in Title 15, chapter 10, part 4 and Title 76, chapter 15, Montana Code Annotated, to provide permanent funding of a group benefit plan for all conservation district employees by means of the conservation district’s annual regular levy.


UPDATE 11/2014:   MACD has discussed this issue with the Governor. DNRC researched the issue and noted that there already is legislation that would allow this to happen, with certain parameters. A number of Districts are experimenting with enacting the law. DNRC is taking the lead ref this issue. Contact Laurie Zeller for details.