13–09: Invasive Species Advisory Council

WHEREAS, invasive species including aquatic invasive plants and mussels, terrestrial noxious weeds, insects, and other non-native species threaten the natural resource base in Montana, and;

WHEREAS, the State of Montana must make a resolute and coordinated effort to address invasive species, and;

WHEREAS, multiple county, state and federal agencies and private land managers have a responsibility for managing invasive species, and;

WHEREAS, the most efficient way to address this issue is a high level of coordination across agencies and stakeholder groups, and; WHEREAS, the Governor’s ‘Blueprint for Improving Montana’s AIS Program’ identifies the need for an ad-hoc steering committee to oversee and monitor future progress/activities of the AIS program;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that MACD supports the formation of an Invasive Species Advisory Council attached to the Governor’s office. This would more closely align Montana’s invasive species management efforts with surrounding states such as Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and improve coordination among private, state, and federal stakeholders.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Invasive Species Advisory Council be comprised of members representing a cross-section of Montana agricultural, environmental, governmental, and business interests.


UPDATE 11/2014: MACD assisted in coordinating a meeting of parties interested in forming an AIS advisory council and is continuing to monitor other similar issues pursued through the weed districts. MACD is working with parties that are coordinating an effort to put in place the framework for the Governor to create an Invasive Species Council. The council appointments might be completed before the end of the year.