10-01: Protection of Private Property Rights

WHEREAS, the private farm and grazing lands of the state of Montana are among the basic and most valuable assets of the state;

WHEREAS, farmers and ranchers have decades of experience in managing and improving the natural resources, range production, weed control and farming practices on these private lands;

WHEREAS, resource practices conducted on public lands such as fire management, weed control, range management, and wildlife management have far reaching effects on adjacent private land;

WHEREAS, predator control policy on public lands have far reaching effects on adjacent private land;

WHEREAS, land management approaches used on public lands may directly impact adjacent private lands;

WHEREAS, wildlife managed on public lands consistently travel outside the public land onto private land; creating environmental and economic impacts such as the spread of disease and noxious weed;

WHEREAS, the availability of livestock grazing on public lands greatly influences private land use, conservation practices, and local economics surrounding public lands; and

WHEREAS, weed infestations originating on public lands spread and have negative impacts on surrounding private land;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) formally requests that federal, state and local agencies that control and manage public lands do so in a manner that protects the resource base and property rights of adjacent private lands utilizing the experience and knowledge of local land owners, conservation districts, and other local agency range management specialists.