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Changes to CD Project Grants

After careful consideration, consultation with the former RCAC, and input from you, the CDB is announcing updates to our grant program. These changes are intended to streamline the application process and to comply with new processes and polices in the division.

  1. CD Project Grants (formerly known as HB223) are being consolidated and will be open for application biannually. There will be one standard application, that includes an option to click the type of grant you are applying for (project, district development, pollinator etc.,)
  2. The next application cycle will be September 1 – October 15, 2022, followed by Conservation District Advisory Council (CDAC-formerly RCAC) hearings in November, funding awards  and contracting by CDB in December-February, and project implementation beginning March 1, 2023.  
  3. The second application cycle will be open February 1 – March 15, 2023, with CDAC hearings in April, final review and contracting by CDB May-July, and project implementation beginning August 1, 2023.
  4. In summary, expect a six-month timeline from the date an application period opens to when project implementation could begin. This means spring projects will need to apply in the preceding fall.
  5. The Education Mini Grants will be open year-round with a rolling deadline. The application will open soon.
  6. Apply at any time, but expect 3 months for CDB review and contracting before any expenses can be incurred.
  7. All future grants must be applied for through Submittable. We will only be able to accept paper grants in certain circumstances by request and will not accept late submissions.
  8. In August, CDB will begin hosting weekly grant trainings in the form of “office hours.” Each week, on a scheduled day and time, a CDB specialist will be available for questions and will provide a short overview of a particular topic (such as using Submittable, developing a scope of work, allowable expenses, etc.). Please send us your needs for topics.
  9. Detailed program guidelines and FAQs will be available prior to the trainings in August. We recognize that the new timeline associated with the Project and Pollinator Grants is delayed compared to previous years. If your CD was anticipating funding for a project that needs to be implemented prior to March 1, 2023, please contact your CD Specialist to discuss options. We will be flexible during this transition.

Eligibility requirements for all grants will remain the same with two exceptions. 1) Conservation Districts may act as grant sponsors for pass-through funds to other organizations but must be active partners in all projects and an MOU between the district and partner organization will be required. 2) Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be allowable up to 10% of the request amount if included in the application.

In an effort to streamline the application and contracting process for CDA and 310 grants, we will also likely make changes to these programs in the future; however, any changes will take place next biennium after the legislative session and funding is determined. These changes do not affect the applications currently under contract or being contracted. CD Administrative contracts for FY23 funding are working their way through the DNRC approval process. You can expect those next month.  

We look forward to sharing more information with you as we figure out the details and appreciate any feedback you may have. We are working on updating our website with this new information.

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