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June Officially Declared Montana Rangeland Appreciation Month

June Officially Declared Montana Rangeland Appreciation Month

Rangeland plays an important role in the Montana economy, ecosystem, and provides a unique way of life for thousands of Montanans – but is often overshadowed by the mountainous western portion of the state.

“The 68th Montana Legislature recognized the importance of rangelands with the passage of a joint resolution declaring in perpetuity the month of June as Rangeland Appreciation Month,” said Stacey Barta, state coordinator for the Rangeland Resources Program at the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. “We hope to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of rangeland and the stewards of that land.”

Encompassing approximately 68 million acres, rangeland comprises most of the Montana landscape – providing habitat for wildlife, forage for livestock, and a host of ecosystem goods and services for the state.


The Legislature’s joint resolution can be view here and below:

WHEREAS, the fourth largest state in the country, Montana is home to millions of acres of rangeland with unparalleled sunrises and sunsets; and

WHEREAS, the diverse ecology of rangeland provides a unique way of life for thousands of Montanans; and

WHEREAS, rangeland provides recreational opportunities for Montanans and millions more, such as hunting and fishing, generating significant revenue for our economy and rangeland communities; and

WHEREAS, rangeland sequesters more than 20 percent of the world’s terrestrial carbon and provides erosion control and nutrient cycling; and

WHEREAS, rangeland supports many different types of wildlife and provides forage to support Montana’s $1.5 billion livestock industry as it provides a relatively low-input option for raising livestock; and WHEREAS, farmers and ranchers have been stewards of the land for generations, as the sustainability of rangeland is vital for the future of agriculture; and

WHEREAS, Montana’s rangeland is the backbone of our rich history and a leader in the future of Montana

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