20-03: A resolution to combine the Montana Association of Conservation Districts, a 501(c)(4) and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana, a (501(c)(3).

(This resolution was withdrawn during the District Operations Committee, as it is the same as resolution 20-01)

WHEREAS the 58 Conservation Districts formed a State Association in the 1940’s as a 501(c)(4) and formed a second association to hold property and manage programs in the 1970’s as a 501(c)(3): and

WHEREAS the existence of two entities creates confusion regarding each entities purpose; and

WHEREAS the cost of operating two entities is more expensive than a single entity; and

WHEREAS the 501(c)(4) operates solely on dues from Conservation Districts and the 501(c)(3) operates solely on program income; and

WHEREAS the 501(c)(4)’s ability to seek other sources of operating funds is limited because entities that could donate operating funds will not contribute money to an organization that is organized to lobby;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 501(c)(4)  be dissolved, its assets be transferred to the 501(c)(3) and that the name of the 501(c)(3) be changed to “The Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD), all to become effective on January 1, 2021; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that MACD will continue to provide member defined services as well as hold property and manage programs.