13–06: MACD Mitigation Banks

WHEREAS, Montana’s Conservation Districts are responsible for the administration of the Montana Natural Streambed and Preservation Act (310) permit, and

WHEREAS, projects over 300 linear feet require mitigation, and

WHEREAS, the Army Corp of Engineers administers the Montana Stream Mitigation Procedure and calculates the number of credits required by a landowner for a project, and

WHEREAS, credits are costly and many producers do not have the means or land available to meet the requirements of mitigation, and

WHEREAS, there are many qualified projects across the state that could earn credits to be stored in a mitigation bank to be used by Montana producers, and

WHEREAS, a mitigation bank available through Montana’s conservation districts where credits would be stored and used or sold to producers, would satisfy all or a portion of a mitigation requirement.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts create a mitigation bank and/or create partnerships with other organizations that would be available to producers in Montana that need to do a project and can’t because of mitigation requirements.


UPDATE 11/2014: MACD met with DEQ and a consultant to discuss possibilities for Nutrient Trading.  MACD contacted both the private and NGO entity that have similar programs that could possibly meet the needs of this resolution, and asked them to contact Rosebud Conservation District directly. DEQ currently has a contractor assessing the feasibility of a statewide nutrient trading program. MACD will update the districts with the progress of this effort.