13–05: Fuels Mitigation and Reduction Plan

WHEREAS, Rosebud Conservation District and the State of Montana have experienced a number of extreme fires in recent years,

WHEREAS, a significant amount of fire fuels exist in many areas due to beetle kill, old dead and dying trees in thick tree stands.

WHEREAS, the Rosebud Conservation District in cooperation with the state of Montana has administered a fuels mitigation program to lessen the chance of catastrophic fires in the future.

WHEREAS, planning and land management assist in the control and help prevent and reduce the severity of the damage and potential loss when implemented before the risk becomes a reality.

WHEREAS, Montana Conservation Districts are political subdivision of the state and are governed by and elected board of supervisors and as such are empowered to administer and manage public and private monies for projects sponsored by and located within the conservation district.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts encourage local, state, and federal governments to assist in creating a market based approach to fuels mitigation and land management to promote a more sustainable method of reducing fuels and preventing catastrophic damage.


UPDATE 11/2014: This was discussed with senior USDA Forest Service Washington Office staff Doug Crandall. Doug mentioned the Biomass CAP program in response to the fuels mitigation resolution from Rosebud Conservation District. MACD will ask Rosebud Conservation District to contact Mr. Crandall to provide details about this program.