13–04: Increase Competitive Bidding Limitation on Conservation District Projects

WHEREAS, the Sweet Grass Conservation District Board of Supervisors has determined that an urgent need exists to raise the threshold dollar amount for requiring a full competitive bidding process for construction projects administered by Montana Conservation Districts as is currently exists in Montana Code, and

WHEREAS, Montana Conservation Districts are more frequently sponsoring and administering construction projects within their districts in collaboration with federal, state, local agencies and private enterprises, and

WHEREAS, we believe Montana Conservation Districts could ease the burden of costly administrative duties associated with the statutory requirement to pursue a full competitive bidding process for projects exceeding the $50,000.00 and

WHEREAS, Montana Conservation Districts are political subdivisions of the state and are governed by an elected board of supervisors and as such are empowered to administer and manage public and private monies for projects sponsored by and located within a conservation district

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts sponsor a bill in the 2015 Montana Legislature to amend Montana Law to establish a minimum dollar amount exemption in the competitive bidding process for conservation districts consistent with the amount established for municipal governments.


UPDATE 11/2014:  DNRC will carry this legislation.  A copy of the bill has been drafted and reviewed by the Sweet Grass CD, which will be forwarded for final drafting by the legislative branch.  A copy of the draft bill is available upon request.