12-01: Sage Grouse Status

WHEREAS, sage-grouse populations have apparently declined over much of their historic range, and

WHEREAS, this decline has previously been caused by a loss of sagebrush habitat due to plowing, herbicide application, urban development and fire, and

WHEREAS, the other major causes of population decline have been due to predation and disease, and

WHEREAS, over the last 40 years in region 6, sage-grouse populations have remained stable, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and

WHEREAS, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks maintains that the region 6 sage-grouse population is thriving and healthy enough to support an annual hunting season, and

WHEREAS, there are no scientific studies or data that indicate livestock grazing adversely influences sage-grouse populations, and

WHEREAS, most area producers are using management practices which encourage the increase of sage-grouse populations,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Conservation Districts of Montana support healthy rangelands and policies that promote sustainable livestock production.  

THEREFORE IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED, that Conservation Districts of Montana oppose listing  sage-grouse as a threatened or endangered species and requests that all federal agencies and actions comply with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and National Environmental Policy Act.