12-02: Fund Montana River Gauging Stations

WHEREAS, the streams of Montana are important to the state economy, are cyclical in flow volume, and flow volume depends on temperature, runoff, snow melt and weather events,

WHEREAS, river gauging stations now in use provide valuable information for water user association managers, irrigators, City Commissioners, National Weather Service, Fish Wildlife & Parks, NRCS, DNRC, DES, DEQ, EPA, fishing and water sportsmen, and guides, etc., and allow for advance warning to watersheds and towns of flooding events,

WHEREAS, the 223 Montana river gauging stations are under the control of USGS, are costly to run and maintain, and require $9,000 – $14,000 per station to maintain per year,

WHEREAS, USGS funds most of these stations through a cost/share program, and the funding provided by the other agencies is on a temporary basis,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that MACD work to develop permanent funding from private, state and federal programs to pay for the maintenance of the existing and future gauging stations that have been or will be abandoned due to lack of funding.