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2021 Legislation: July, 2020 Report

MACD Board of Directors and LAHC and Conservation District Supervisors and Administrators and Executive Director Rebecca Boslough:

As you see below, I’ve submitted my first monthly report for your consideration and review. I wanted to start off by stating that this democracy thing is quite complex, with many moving parts, and many players. Representing 58 diverse Conservation Districts, in a state larger than 2/3rds of all nations on Earth, in a setting with 150 Legislators from differing parties, their staff, the Executive Branch, at least 50 organized natural resource-related interest groups, the general public, and a wide variety of Tribal Governments, under recent Conservation District related rulings from the Montana Supreme Court, during a pandemic, all under a new administration, is challenging. We stick our fingers in the soil, the water, and the air, and touch all the living things in those three realms. The issues Conservation Districts deal with on a day-to-day basis are multi-faceted, some long-standing, many with no easy answers. These reports cannot be short if you want to know how we are preparing for the Session. If you want to be informed, please read on. At the very least read so you are ready for the Session. As always, contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. . .


Thank you,

Jeff Tiberi

MACD 2021 Government Relations Advisor


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