11-03: Future Wild Lands Designations

WHEREAS, Conservation Districts are units of local government designated to help citizens conserve their soil, water, and other renewable natural resources, and

WHEREAS, the northern prairies of the United States are an environment naturally conducive to vibrant wild lands and wildlife in conjunction with production of plentiful livestock, hay, and grains, and

WHEREAS, native wildlife co-exist readily with livestock and benefit greatly from currently well-managed agriculture lands, and in turn, livestock thrive alongside wildlife on the prairie, and

WHEREAS, farmers and ranchers working and living on the land have traditionally been the best care-takers of the land, and

WHEREAS, a United States Department of Interior’s Wild Lands designation would take lands out of production, thereby affecting the livelihood of area farmers and ranchers, the local tax base, and the local economy, and

WHEREAS, a “Wild Lands” designation would have similarly detrimental effect as a “Monument Designation”,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Conservation Districts of Montana stand opposed to the US Department of Interior’s authority to designate lands as Wild Land, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Conservation Districts of Montana stand opposed to any new US Department of Interior Wild Lands designations in Montana.