11-01: Adopting Guidelines to Develop Near Streams, Waterways, Tributaries, & Drainage Areas

WHEREAS, due to explosive growth with the oil and gas industry, Eastern Montana, has experienced massive development.

WHEREAS, in our neighboring state, North Dakota, has seen many problems with oil locations being flooded and compromised due to the location and weather.

WHEREAS, the Conservation Districts find it important to learn from North Dakota’s experiences and prevent the negative from happening in Montana.

WHEREAS, the Conservation Districts have concerns about the problems that may arise without guidelines for development.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  That MACD convene a working group consisting of DEQ, Board of Oil & Gas, DNRC, the Montana Petroleum Association and other identified parties to consider options to regulate the development of oil & gas industrial sites located near streams, water ways, tributaries, and drainage areas before permitting occurs.