10-03: BNSF Cooperation

WHEREAS, BNSF Railway is a major player in the State of Montana, affecting not only the financial status of Montana citizens, but also affecting the natural resources of the state; and,

WHEREAS, Montana conservation district(s) priorities do not always coincide with the priorities of BNSF Railway, specifically:

  1. control of noxious weeds,
  2. respect for the Montana 310 law, and
  3. maintenance of right-of-way boundaries; and,

WHEREAS, BNSF Railway media advertising currently depicts BNSF as a green and energy-saving transportation option within the state,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) open and maintain dialogue with BNSF Railway to insure BNSF Railway is aware of the concerns and responsibilities of Montana conservation districts, and is also made aware of the corresponding responsibilities of BNSF Railway as a member of the Montana community.