07-01: Wildfire Management

WHEREAS, some fires on federal, state and private lands are a valuable tool to prevent catastrophic fires; and

WHEREAS, the resources these fires consume are crucial to the long-term survivability of all who enjoy and use our natural resources; and

WHEREAS, recent fires due to extreme drought have become more dangerous to private lands that adjoin where most fires occur; and

WHEREAS, the fires in the headwaters of most drainages are crucial to supplying water year-round to irrigators, stock waters and communities; and

WHEREAS, allowing these fires during drought years go uncontrolled have detrimental effects to the water supplies for many years to come; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts at its November 14, 2007 annual meeting urges the Forest Service, Congress and the President of the United States to consider a revised policy which includes immediate suppression of fires in a watershed drainage in drought years.