06-08: Conservation District Associate Supervisor Representation on Planning Boards

WHEREAS, conservation district’s representation and input regarding soil and water conservation in local matters is critical on planning boards; and

WHEREAS, according to state statute, 76-1-211(1) MCA, at least one member of any county planning board shall be a member of the governing board of a conservation district or a grazing district; and

WHEREAS, conservation districts are also eligible under, 76-1-201(e) MCA, to participate in city-county planning boards, and

WHEREAS, conservation district supervisors have many responsibilities and commitments which often make it extremely difficult to fully participate in planning board activities; and

WHEREAS, conservation districts regularly enlist the participation of associate conservations district supervisors to successfully carry out conservation district work under board supervision and guidance; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montana Association of Conservation Districts research and move forward in proposing legislation to change the law to allow the Conservation Districts the authority to appoint an associate supervisor to serve in the same capacity as a supervisor on planning boards which conservation districts are authorized to participate on.