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Riparian Grazing Management Workshop

Join us for the 2024

Riparian Grazing Management Workshop

scheduled for July 10th, 2024

Embark on a fascinating journey where you’ll explore past project sites like the Stenberg Ranch, The Ranching for Rivers off Stream Watering Project, and The Boulder River and Riparian Pasture. The day begins with an  informative session on riparian areas and optimal grazing practices, featuring insights from NRCS Area Rangeland Specialist, Nate Haywood.

The Riparian Grazing Management Workshop kicks off at 9 AM and wraps up at 3 PM, lunch will be included. Secure your spot with a $25 registration fee.

Scheduling Information

JULY 10th, 2024


Sweet Grass County Fairgrounds 

78 Fairgrounds Rd, Big Timber, MT 59011

Riparian Grazing Management Workshop Agenda
Welcome, Introduction, and Course Overview
  • Welcome
  • Understanding Riparian Systems
  • Lotic and Lentic System Management
Setting Your Riparian Area Up For Success
  • Developing Management Objectives
  • Monitoring
Grazing Management Strategies and Considerations
  • Timing, Duration, and Frequency of Grazing
  • Distribution of Livestock
  • Water Developments, Fencing, and Supplements
  • Stock Rates
  • Working with Wildlife
Travel to Field Site
Lunch (Provided)
In Field Discussion of Riparian Projects
  • Landowner History/Need for Project– Landowner and Project Funder
  • Improvements in both Riparian Condition and Management Efficiency– Landowner
  • Discussion of Livestock Distribution Tools Used in the Project, or Appropriate for Area– Landowner and Project Funder
  • Available Resources for Riparian Projects– Local Agency and Conservation Representative.
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