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MACD welcomes community submissions to our Event Calendar. All submissions are subject to our submission guidelines and review.


Navigate to the community submission page.

To submit as an out-of-network user

Navigate to the community submission page and submit your event as an anonymous user. An anonymous submission is great for partner organizations or for users who post the odd event. However please note that you will not be able to make changes to the event submission later on, so double check your information! If you realize you made an error, please email and MACD will make the correction.

To submit with a member account

Navigate to the community submission page and make sure you are logged in to the MACD wordpress network. This will allow you to edit/delete your submission in the future. If you do not have a wordpress account with our network, you can email for a login and password.

If you forgot your login information, try recovering your password with your work email by clicking “forgot my password” on the login screen. If all else fails you can email for support.

Fill out the form for the event. Please be as descriptive as possible.

EVENT TITLE: (required)

Please choose a title that is descriptive, but also not too long so that it displays well in the box of a small calendar.


This is where you can really get creative! Use the visual and text editors to enter the description of your event. Enter your event’s zoom information, speakers, registration information and links in this field.


Enter you event time and date. For recurring events, use the “Schedule Multiple Events” button. From there you’ll have the option to set a recurring pattern such as repeating the event on the last Tuesday of each month.


Upload an event image. This is a banner that fills the top width of the event posting. Please crop to landscape dimensions (preferably 16:9).


This is an important field! Categories allow your event to get classified the correct way on the MACD site. It is very important to take your time and select only the appropriate categories because this term list is the primary organizing criteria for events on our site. Take your time, and don’t create a new category unless you absolutely need to.

For example if your event is a training or workshop, be sure to select that category so that your event shows up on the calendar specifically for trainings and workshops.


Adding tags can help with indexing keywords for your event. This makes your event more searchable!


When you add venue details to an event, that does two things: it allows your event to show up in the Map View and it also helps attendees know where your event takes place.

If you don’t see a venue that matches where your event it, please feel free to make another.


Add the name of your organization or committee so that users can search for other events by you!


Direct users to a website where they can learn more. Even if you added a website in the description, add one here as well.


You can indicate if an event costs any money to attend. If the event is free, enter 0, or if you’d like to omit the cost information entirely, leave the field blank.

Submit your entry and wait for review.

Please allow at least 1-2 days for your event to appear.

MACD needs to approve your submission to ensure that there are no errors and that it adheres to our submission guidelines. This is a manual process, and takes some time. If your submission is urgent you can email and we can try to accommodate your situation.

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