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CD Funding bill pre-introduced into 2023 Legislative Session

At the most recent and final meeting of the 2021/2022 Environmental Quality Council (EQC) – and as a culmination of MACD’s HJ27 CD Funding Study Bill – the EQC voted to moved the proposed CD funding bill forward into the 2023 session. Senator Mike Lang (R-Malta), the Chairman of EQC, will carry the bill. 

As written, the proposed CD funding legislation would annually provide a total of $6 million dollars of funding into the Conservation District Account (CDA), nearly doubling currently available funds. This funding would come from a combination of coal tax funding and marijuana tax funding. You can watch the most recent EQC meeting here.

Next, conservation districts will need to begin reaching out to legislators in preparation for the 2023 Session, which begins in January.

If you have questions or would like to get involved with the MACD Legislative Committee, please reach out to



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