11-06: Montana Irrigation Water

WHEREAS, the flooding events of 2011 have had a large economic impact on the agriculture communities and,

WHEREAS, many irrigation structures were damaged or destroyed and,

WHEREAS, most repairs for agriculture irrigation structures will receive little or no governmental funding and,

WHEREAS, many agriculture irrigators will not be financially or physically able to fix the structures by the start of the 2012 irrigation year and,

WHEREAS, permanent Point of Diversion changes through the water court take multiple years and,

WHEREAS, the state of Montana recognized the extreme need to be able to irrigate crops any way possible and,

WHEREAS, the state of Montana suspended the rules for point of diversion regulation to allow irrigators the opportunity to get water to their crops and,

WHEREAS, this ruling was for the 2011 irrigation year.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Montana Association of Conservation Districts contacts the Governor to support a continuation of the suspension of point of diversion rules for the 2012 irrigation year.