22-07: Pre-Hunting Bird Dog in Area 6 State Land

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Action taken by MACD: SB 280 passed in 2023 legislative session due to MACD efforts, leading to the creation of a bird dog training licenses and season, as determined by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Regulations as of July 31, 2023: The Fish and Wildlife Commission determined a license is required for training bird dogs using birds not raised in captivity. A training season with wild birds on public lands begins Aug. 1 for residents. Anyone training bird dogs using game birds not raised in captivity needs to hold a bird dog training license, whether on private or public land. If you are training dogs with captive-reared birds, a license is not required.

These licenses can be purchased online through the FWP Online License Service, any FWP regional office or any license provider. The license is $5 for residents ages 18 and over and $10 for nonresidents 18 and over. For residents and nonresidents ages 12 to 17, the license is free.

Bird dog training season with wild birds on public lands begins Aug. 1 for residents and Aug. 15 for nonresidents and ends March 31, 2024.

The license is a new requirement that that came from the 2023 Legislature. While the license requirement is not included in the printed 2023 Upland Game Bird Regulations booklet, it is included in the online version. Please contact your nearest FWP office for questions about dog training relative to this new license requirement.

For those commercially training bird dogs on state trust land, a special recreational use license (SRUL) is required from the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.