Resolution 19-03: Study the Possible Establishment of a Personnel Committee *DRAFT*

  • Area Originating From: Area 2
  • General Session Action: Draft
  • Submitted by: Little Beaver Conservation District


WHEREAS, the mission of conservation districts is to protect the water and soil in Montana; and

WHEREAS, the Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) and Conservation Districts operate over a very large land mass, dealing with thousands of people, in a complex, quickly changing environment; and

WHEREAS, to succeed at meeting the mission, MSCD and Conservation Districts need efficient, effective, and nimble organizations, able to perform at the highest levels; and

WHEREAS, the entities must be able to address conflicting internal organizational issues in a modern, fair, practical, and timely manner; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) is to work with the: 

  1. Montana Department of Natural Resource and Conservation (DNRC) to develop a framework to better address internal organizational issues such as employee grievances, performance issues, and/or general employee concerns. 
  2. Use this framework to begin the Establishment of a Personnel Committee(s) and any recommendation(s) would be presented to the Districts for their consideration in time for adoption at the 2020 MACD Spring Board Meeting.