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1101 11th Ave, Helena, MT 59601 (406) 443-5711 Information on our programs can be found at

Helping Districts access COVID-19 Relief Funding


MACD has been working closely with our partners in the MT Department of Natural Resources (DNRC) and the Montana Association of Counties (MACo) to enable Conservation Districts to access COVID-19 Funding through TWO different opportunities:

  1. Local Government Reimbursement Program: Conservation Districts can access funds through the Local Government Reimbursement Program by applying through their county or municipality. This funding is available for qualifying items purchased beginning in March 2020. More details and information on how to apply are available here.
  2. Business Adaptability Grant Program: MACD and SWCDM are able to apply for reimbursement funds through the Montana Business Adaptability Grant Program for businesses and nonprofits. There is very limited funding, but this will enable MACD and SWCDM to purchase some necessary items for the districts. At this time districts are not eligible to apply for this grant on their own. This funding is only available for items that have not yet been purchased. The deadline to submit a request is September 16th, 2020. More details and information on how to apply are available here.
Education Programs


One of MACD’s largest efforts is helping district’s educate Montana’s citizens about the wise use and protection of Montana’s natural resources, and the role of districts in that endeavor.

Montana’s conservation districts and partners provide numerous educational events and opportunities throughout the year , including the Montana EnvirothonYouth Range Camp, Natural Resources Youth Camp, and other many others. It is MACD’s goal to help districts and partners in providing funds, capacity support, and promotion of educational events and workshops that benefit district supervisors and employees, landowners, and the general public.

MACD offers two $500 scholarships to Montana students wishing to further their educations. Applicants are judged on grade point average, letters of recommendation, and an original essay.

Conservation Programs


MACD’s sister organization, Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana (SWCDM), is the entity that coordinates the conservation programs that help support the mission of MACD and its member districts. For more information about what SWCDM does and its programs, go to

Technical Support for Districts


In partnership with the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and SWCDM, MACD is able to provide a suite of technical support to districts, including website development, email solutions, graphic design needs, online registration support, and more. If interested in learning more about these services, vist or  contact MACD.

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