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Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes: July 13th, 2021

On July 13th, 2021 the MACD Board met for discussion of topics including:

  • Financials
  • Partner Reports from DNRC, NRCS, MRCDC MRWA, EO
  • Committee Reports: District Ops, Education, Water, Soil and Land Use, Programs
  • Nutrient Working Group – West of the Divide District Rep
  • Hidden Pasture Creek WSA Tour and Meeting
  • Executive Report
  • Operation Outreach
  • Open Mic

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Spring Board Meeting in Review

Here is a quick overview of the MACD Spring Board Meeting. More information will be sent out to the Admins listserv over the next week!

Board Meeting

Leadership Training


June 7th  |  June 8th  |  June 9th

Additional written partner reports

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Board Meeting Minutes: May 10th, 2021

On May 10th, 2021 the MACD Board met for discussion of topics including:

  • Auction and Raffle Items
  • Approve cost of leadership training up to $1500
  • Motion to Approve Cost of Strategic Planning up to $5000
  • Motion to give Jeff Tiberi Bonus
  • Partner Reports
  • Quorum issues at Standing Committee Meetings
  • Committee Reports
  • Operation Outreach (OO)

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Board Meeting Minutes: March 8th, 2021

On March 8th, 2021 the MACD Board met for discussion of topics including:

  • NACD Resolutions
  • Partner Reports: DNRC, Missouri Conservation District Council, Milk River Watershed Alliance
  • Committee Nominations: Water Resources, Soil and Land Use, Education, Operations, and STAG
  • Legislative Update: DNRC Budget schedule, Grant Programs, other bills, and a motion to formally support the Soil Health Study Bill Resolution
  • Executive Director’s Report on: SWCDM/MACD merger, Meeting with Director Kaster, Cares Act Reimbursement, RFP with DNRC for Communications Specialist position, standing meeting schedule, MACD Budget, Weekly Legislative updates, MWCC Fall Tour.

Full Meeting Minutes | Financial Report

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Programs Committee Meeting Minutes: March 16th, 2021

On March 16th, 2021 the MACD Programs Committee met for discussion of topics including:

  • Grant Funding Report
  • Bridger Plant Material Center: hiring, adding WY to deed and LLC, outreach, board members
  • Program Updates: SGI hires, Mini-Grant calls, Flathead Basin Wastewater Partnership, Conservation Delivery Agreement for the 2022 Soil Health Symposium

Read the full minutes here

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Education Committee Meeting Minutes: February 24, 2021

On February 24, 2021 the Education Committee met for discussion of topics including:

For the February meeting, the Education Committee continued exploring the possibilities of a marketing plan for Montana’s Conservation Districts. Laura Johnson from the Washington State Conservation Commission presented steps that the Washington State Conservation District took to create their Elevator Pitches, marketing toolkit, and more.

Read the full minutes here: Education Committee Meeting Minutes: January 20, 2021

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