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Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting: August 8, 2022

On August 8th, 2022 the MACD Board met to discuss topics including:

  • MACD Committee Processes and approval of charters
  • Legislative topics and urgent comment period on CD funding (more info + talking points here)
  • MACD Board Member Expectations & Engagement
  • MACD Policy and Process Review of Financials
  • Process of Financial Review
  • Other Financial matters: 2023 budget, dues, accounting cleanup
  • Resolutions and Convention
  • Partner Reports
  • Executive Director’s Report

MACD Board Minutes_8.8.2022

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Board Meeting Minutes: April 11

The MACD Board met on April 11 to discuss topics including:

  • Approval of Financials
  • Review of SAM
  • Proposed changes to resolutions and committees
  • Event Updates
  • Partner Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Legislative and Advocacy
  • Interim Session Update
  • Programs and Funding
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Operation Outreach
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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: April 25

The Executive Committee met on April 25 to discuss topics including:

  • Incidental decisions 
  • Standing committee activity and assignments
    • Membership for Board Committees (Executive, Finance, Board Development)
  • Soil Corps 
  • Staff Update (Hiring process for Program Manager; SGI)
  • Tribal Conservation Districts
  • Develop the next full Board meeting agenda
  • Open mic
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