Wibaux CD EEP Day

Wibaux CD EEP Photo

The Wibaux Conservation District sponsored Environmental Education Program (EEP) 2014 on May 7, 2014.  EEP aka “Outdoor Classroom” was chased inside by the weather.  The only day in the week that it rained was on the EEP day.  None the less, we moved all the outdoor stations indoors and it was enjoyed by all.  The Wibaux Elementary students in Grades 4-6 participated and each student, teacher, and presenter received a kiwi green t-shirt compliments of the Wibaux Conservation District.  The theme for EEP 2014 was Dig Deeper and included many stations dealing with soil health.  The students rotated through seven different stations that were presented by:  Ann Fischer, NRCS, Baker on soil health;  Kalyn Bohle, NRCS, Baker on water infiltration;  Martin Ellenburg, NRCS, Miles City, on wild animals complete with furs, skulls, horns, and antlers; Melissa Foster, FWP, Wibaux, talking about turkeys and pheasants complete with bird calls; Katrina Johnson, NRCS, Wibaux, on how to keep your rangeland healthy; Kodie Olsen and Michelle Gorder, Little Beaver Conservation District, with a rainfall simulator and how different soils are affected by rainfall; and Patrick Gilchrist and Josh Barnwell, National Weather Service, Glasgow, came with all sorts of fun weather related items that were “hands-on” for the kids.  It was an educational, fun-packed day that ended with the students participating in a “Minute to Win” team contest.  Thanks to all the presenters, students and teachers from Wibaux Elementary Schools and all who helped make this a successful day.