The Montana Conservationist April 21

This week in The Montana Conservationist, we introduce you to the freshest face in the SWCDM office: Jess Makus, our new Programs Manager. Also covered:

  • Jeff Ryan reports on a couple of grizzly bears got the hippest item in home improvements: a willow lift along the streambank bordering their enclosure.
  • Some New Yorkers prove that eurasian water milfoil is about as useful as a pile of poop—at least when it comes to fertilizers.
  • Arctic graylings may or may not be recovering in the Big Hole, but if there’s one good thing about the debate, it’s that we know at least two people are looking into it.
  • Elena Evans reports on the various elbow-rubbing activities during March trip to Washington D.C. with fellow Montana conservation leaders
  • The MACD water committee reports on its activities & plans for the future

All of that, and more, in this week’s edition of The Montana Conservationist. TMC 2016-04-21