Area Meetings

Each fall, MACD attends area meetings for each of Montana’s six Conservation District Regions. At these meetings, neighboring Conservation Districts get together to discuss issues facing their areas, programs the districts are implementing, proposed resolutions for the state convention, and more. The locations of the area meetings rotate yearly, so that each district has the opportunity to host their neighbors. The MACD Board of Directors and Staff attend and help facilitate these meetings as an opportunity to meet with local districts, especially those who may not be attending the state convention.


2016 Meetings

9/20 Area 3 Fergus

Area 3 Meeting Registration

Area 3 Meeting Agenda

9/21 Area 1 Petroleum * Moved to Petroleum County Courthouse Basement*

Area 1 Meeting Registration

Area 1 Meeting Agenda * Moved to Petroleum County Courthouse Basement*

9/22 Area 2 Wibaux

Area 2 Meeting Registration

Area 2 Meeting Agenda

9/23 Area 4 Rosebud

Area 4 Meeting Registration

Area 4 Meeting Agenda

9/27 Area 5 Mineral

Area 5 Meeting Registration

Area 5 Meeting Agenda

9/28 Area 6 Madison

Area 6 Meeting Registration

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Area 6 Meeting Agenda


Resolutions currently submitted (deadline September 1):

Richland Resolution_Water Reservations

Lewis and Clark_2016_2

Lewi sand Clark_2016_1

Cascade 2016 Election of officers

Cascade 2016 Bylaw approval


Cascade 2016 Area Director Term Limits

2016 Phillips CD Resolution

2016.05.26.RESOLUTION 16._CBMPA


These resolutions have been passed by the district at their local meeting and have been submitted to MACD to bring to the Area Meetings where the districts present will be able to vote on sending them to the convention for consideration.