Montana State Water Plan Released

The State Water Plan, a 20 year guide to the management, implementation, and understanding of Montana’s water resources has recently been published.  Hundreds of state residents provided their ideas and concerns to four basin advisory councils from various regions of the state.  After receiving a diverse technical background in water from a broad spectrum of water professionals, the basin advisory councils wrote goals and objectives for Montana’s water resources.  A compilation of the four regional plans yielded the State Water Plan.

The plan offers an insight into the shape of Montana’s future water. It often alerts citizens to the fact that other Montana residents have similar goals and aspirations for the state’s precious water resources.  Frequently, water planning and management efforts can be enhanced because of the guidance provided to state agencies and law makers in the State Water Plan.

The plan is available online at, or a hard copy can be ordered from Cheryl O’Connor 406-444-6601.