Missoula CD Seeking Conservation & Communications Coordinator

Missoula Conservation District seeks one full-time employee to fill the position Conservation and Communications Coordinator. The ideal candidate will be a qualified, enthusiastic, and driven individual.

The Conservation and Communications Coordinator is an essential team member who provides coordinating and communications support to the Resource Conservationist and the Board of Supervisors. This position coordinates with permit applicants, grant applicants, personnel from other agencies, educational affiliates, and other business associates. Missoula Conservation District is a political subdivision of the State of Montana that manages conservation programs and administers the Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310 Law) within Missoula County.

Duties of the position require excellent oral and written communication, sustained attention to detail, the ability to excel in an occasionally stressful and fast-paced office work environment, and the ambition to maintain up-to-date proficiency with programs and technology related to office administration, various media outlets, and database and/or spreadsheet operations. Missoula Conservation District is comprised of few full time staff, so administrative duties are required of all staff.

For more detailed information on the position, please see Duties and Responsibilities listed at the end of this announcement.

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