DNRC Seeks Rangeland Resource Coordinator

Job Title:  State Rangeland Resource Coordinator, Conservation Districts Bureau

Division: Conservation and Resource Development Division

Position #:  Helena

Status:  Permanent Full Time

Salary:  $21.983 to $24.425 per hour, depending on qualifications

Supplement required:  yes

Resume required: yes


The DNRC mission is to help ensure that Montana’s land and water resources provide benefits for present and future generations.  The DNRS’s main office is located in beautiful Helena, Montana.

The DNRC believes employees are their most important asset.  The DNRC empowers employees to exercise professional judgment in carrying out their duties.  Employees are provided with the training and tools necessary to achieve the mission.  Both team effort and individual employee expertise are supported and sustained.


DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  As part of a team that delivers technical and financial services for locally-led conservation efforts, this position works with the Rangeland Resources Executive Committee to implement the Rangeland Resources Act, which emphasizes the importance of sound management of the state’s rangeland resources.  The Act recognizes the importance of livestock, forage, wildlife habitat, high-quality water production, pollution control, erosion control, recreation, and the natural beauty of rangelands and promotes cooperation and coordination of range management activities between persons and organizations involved in range management.

The employee performs a variety of specialized, complex, and technical support on matters related to rangeland in Montana, including securing cooperation from state, federal, and local land managers to implement range improvement and monitoring protocols; works with conservation districts and grazing districts to plan and organize locally-led range programs and education and outreach activities; serves as staff to the Rangeland Resources Executive Committee; provides assistance to the Montana Grass Commission and state grazing districts; and serves as a technical expert on range-related stakeholder groups.

The employee will frequently encounter situations where standard guidelines cannot be applied or where state or federal requirements conflict or overlap.  Individual judgment is regularly required to determine between alternatives, identify possible solutions, and recommend appropriate action.

This position requires extensive travel.


QUALIFICATIONS:  The applicant must have an understanding of current rangeland management issues and experience in creating solutions that result in better understanding and implementation of range management practices.  This position must identify relevant emerging issues and frequently work directly with individuals to find resolution where disagreement for conflict exists.  The applicant must have the ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders to achieve common goals; to assimilate technical information, evaluate this information and make recommendations as to what action to take; and to plan, organize, and manage a variety of activities.  The job requires skill in researching and synthesizing information from diverse sources; reading and interpreting legal and technical language and communicating that information effectively among a wide variety of audiences.


EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  The knowledge, skills, and abilities typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to a minimum of a four-year college degree in range science or other natural resource related field and a minimum of five years’ experience in natural resource management.  The ideal candidate will have knowledge of interdisciplinary natural resource management principles, practices, and procedures; program management experience, excellent communication skills, and experience in complex problem solving.

To perform the job successfully, the applicant must be self-motivated, possess a strong work ethic, maintain a positive attitude, and enjoy working for the public.  Success is contingent upon maintaining professional credibility.

Expertise that is preferred but not required includes: knowledge of grant and contract management; knowledge of conservation districts and grazing district operations; and knowledge of the Montana Rangeland Resources Act.


APPLICATION AND SELECTION PROCESS:  The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation may include the following factors in determining whether an applicant meets the qualifications for the position:  an application form, education, structured interview, job-related experience, job-related reference checks, and past performance, and application supplements.

Application materials required for this position are a completed state of Montana application, answers to supplemental questions, and current resume.


COMPENSATION:  The normal salary received for employees new to state government is $21.98 to $24.43 per hour with raises granted by the legislature.  State employees scheduled to work at least halftime are also provided paid health, dental, and life insurance.  Other benefits for eligible state employees include a credit union, a deferred compensation program, public employee’s retirement program, 15 working days annual leave per year, 12 sick leave days per year, paid holidays, and up to 15 days military leave with full pay.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  In accordance with the immigration reform and control act, the person selected must produce within three days of hire documents that show authorization to work in the United States.  Examples of such documentation include a birth certificate or Social Security card along with a driver’s license or other picture ID, or a US passport, or a “green card.”

Also to comply with the Montana Compliance and Selective Service Act, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation must verify that the covered applicant has complied with the federal Military Selective Service Act before starting employment.

A valid driver’s license is required.



Please answer the following supplemental questions.  This provides you an opportunity to present more complete and specific details regarding your qualifications.  The responses should be clear and concise since the hiring team may view them as a sample of your written communication skills.  This supplement is reviewed separately from the state application form and is part of the evaluation process.

  1. Describe your education and work background and describe how you think it relates to the current opening.
  2. Describe your experience in rangeland management, program development and implementation, and coordinating educational events.
  3. Please highlight your views on the most important rangeland issues faced by land managers today.

Visit the State of Montana job announcement & description site to apply.