Big Hole Watershed Committee Releases 2015 Drought Management Plan

From the Big Hole Watershed Committee:

The Big Hole Watershed Committee Announces the 2015 Big Hole River Drought Management Plan.
Please visit our website for the plan, status new and more information about the DMP: 2015 Big Hole River Streamflow and DMP

Please take a moment to review this years plan and share with other water users. This plan is an important tool for us all to use — agencies, residents of both the Big Hole and Butte area, irrigators, guides, fisherman, and more. It works at its best of we all work together. Thank you for you participation.

We were able to keep all DMP measure points in USGS Real-Time again this year, for the second year financially supporting the additional water temperature data.

The Big Hole River Drought Management Plan outlines mainstem target river flow and temperature conditions for fish health in five river sections. The plan includes voluntary conservation targets for all water users, MFWP fishing restriction criteria, and information dissemination tools. Conservation actions are designed to prevent or delay MFWP river closure and support the health of the fishery.

The BHWC DMP originated in 1999. The plan is reviewed annually by a small review committee made up of irrigators, fisherman, conservation groups, and agency representatives as well as the entire BHWC.