2017 Spring Board Meeting Wrapup

Thank you to all of you who attended our 2017 Spring Board Meeting in Helena! It was a very successful meeting, and the board made a lot of progress as we work toward revitalizing our organizational structure. Here are some documents from the meeting that you may find useful.

MACD Board members, SWCDM staff, and partners at the 2017 Spring Board Meeting at the Montana State Capitol. June 14, 2017



SWCDM_June 12, 2017_Spring Board Draft

MACD_June 12, 2017_Spring Board Draft


On Tuesday, Liz Moore from the Montana Nonprofit Association gave a fantastic training and workshop on ways we can improve the efficiency, organization, and engagement of our board. Here is the link to the files she referenced during her presentation. Dropbox Files


MACD Spring Board Meeting Minutes June 14, 2017_Draft


Annual Reports



Packet Documents

Here are documents that were included in board member’s packets at the meetings.

MACD Financials

MACD revised draft 990



2017 Spring Board Budget vs Actual MACD

Statement of Financial Position Spring Board 2017

Statement of Activity Spring Board 2017

MACD Processes for 2017 Area Meetings and Convention_06142017

SWCDM Financials

SWCDM revised 990

SWCDM Budget v Actuals May_2017

Statement of Financial Position 2017

Statement of Financial Position 2016

Statement of Activity 2017

Statement of Activity 2016