The Montana Conservationist, September 2

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The Montana Conservationist. September. They’re both here. This week in the Montana Conservationist, we catch up with the newest supervisor on the MACD board of directors. That’s Judi Knapp, of Treasure CD, and this isn’t her first rodeo. (Well, actually, we don’t have verification on rodeo activity. But she does know her way around a […]

The Montana Conservationist, August 19

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TMC for August 19, 2015, is now here! This week we tour a fantastic project in Alder, Montana that gave the Ruby River a curvy new look. Then we hear from farmers in New Mexico about what the orange-colored Animas River disaster has done to their livelihoods. Finally, there’s a new resource for land managers that […]

The Montana Conservationist, August 5

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Ah, yes. The Montana Conservationist. This week we ask, just how low does fracking go? (And yes, we answer too). Then there’s a round of hand-shaking with the Swiss, and confirmation on just how sweet Montana is. Plus we’ve got an entertaining story about plants freaking out when they get stressed (just like the rest […]

The Montana Conservationist, July 21

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Hoooooh, boy! TMC is chock full this week, readers! We start off this week’s issue with the news that SWCDM has signed an agreement with the State of Montana and USDA to streamline and coordinate Sage Grouse conservation efforts on private lands in Montana. **It’s not really even a big deal. **Dusts shoulders off***. Then […]

Big Sky Watershed Corps Host Site Applications

Sara Moore, McKenzie

We talk a lot about how great our Big Sky Watershed Corps members are. From implementing stream monitoring programs to youth education, and anywhere else you can think to guide them, hosting a member is a great way to increase the capacity of your Conservation District or organization. The young college grads serve for one year […]

The Montana Conservationist, July 8

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Montana Conservationist! This week we welcome two new employees into the SWCDM fold (whether you should congratulate them, or us on snagging them, we’re not sure). Then we’ve got your complete comprehensive guidebook on everything you ever wanted to know about beavers and encouraging them to restore your streams, […]

Sage Grouse Program Launches Search for Manager

HELENA, Mont. – Recruitment is under way for a manager of the Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) announced today. “All of the pieces are in place for an effective program to conserve habitat and reduce future threats to sage grouse,” said DNRC Director John Tubbs. “It’s […]

DNRC Seeks Rangeland Resource Coordinator

Job Title:  State Rangeland Resource Coordinator, Conservation Districts Bureau Division: Conservation and Resource Development Division Position #:  Helena Status:  Permanent Full Time Salary:  $21.983 to $24.425 per hour, depending on qualifications Supplement required:  yes Resume required: yes   The DNRC mission is to help ensure that Montana’s land and water resources provide benefits for present […]

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